UniKey’s Smart Locks – For Modern Day Homeowners

I’m sure you’ve longed to part ways with traditional lock and keys when returning back home from shopping and your hands are filled with groceries. Or maybe, this longing is simply because of the fact that you are prone to losing your keys too often (and hence create irksome moments when getting into your house).

We’ve been hearing a lot about Smartphones and Smart Watches! UniKey, with its , has brought something totally new in the market – the Smart Locks. This device has its main controls with the Bluetooth of the owner’s Smartphone. However, it also has the added facility to be locked or unlocked using finger taps.

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Without further ado, let’s look at the pros and cons of this device:
The Pros

The touch-open and touch-lock feature of this device is what makes it so desirable. Users do not need to bring out their iPhones (it doesn’t support Android yet) out or open the app. With the free Kevo iPhone app or the Kevo fob within the range, a single tap is enough to lock or unlock the device. You can also allow others to open the lock by sending them an “eKey” via emails. All they have to do is download the eKey from the emails, and this will make their iPhones ready to be accepted.

Setting up the locking mechanism is a little time-consuming, but works quite smoothly. The user has to first devote approximately 10 minutes for the Kevo registration and security process. Once it’s done on the first time, the user doesn’t have to repeat the process. Once the lock is touched, it lights up with a blue circle. It turns either green (when locked) or orange (when unlocked) within 3-4 seconds. Although this time period is faster than the traditional lock-and-key systems, but you might find it a bit slow considering the device is Bluetooth-enabled.

The Cons

Proximity Security:This is the biggest (and the only major) concern with the Kevo lock. If you or your iPhone is within the range of the lock, anyone can enter or exit your house. And this is a major setback. Although UniKey has promised to work on this feature, they need to make haste as the device is already up for grabs in the markets.

Final Verdict

A great device which has taken an evolutionary step towards the future. In case you don’t have the Smartphone or the fob while opening or closing the door, you can also use the spare keys given to you by the manufacturers. There are glitches for sure, but UniKey is working hard to make the lock perform even better and more effectively.

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