Tri-lift and their Functions

Tri-lifts are breakthroughs in the standard parking mechanisms in use today. These tri-lifts are basically thrice powerful in terms of capacity than the single parking space. The tri-lift mechanism is the space optimizer. They actually power you with thrice the available space which you would have got had you opted for the single space parking lift. It is also known as the three car stacker offering ample space at just one go. Most importantly these three storied parking systems are efficient enough to offer parking space for normal cars as well as SUVs; also you get the drive through facilities. These lift are made from strong metals; basically the platforms are manufactured from galvanized metals. These lifts basically operate through hydraulic as well cable lifting mechanisms. These mechanisms are intricately designed so as to offer you the maximum safety. Each tri-lift is manufactured with an anti-fall system and stainless steel mechanism to offer your greater safety.

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