Things to Know Before Buying a Basketball Hoop

Things to Know Before Buying a Basketball Hoop

Basketball is the superb game of strength, hard work, confidence and determination. With the aid of basketball game, anyone can strengthen different areas of the body such as quads, calves, body core, biceps, chest area, and back muscles, and it also enables one to take high jumps. Overall it can provide a solid boost to your stamina. In order to play basketball game efficiently you need important accessories. You need the basketball, basketball hoop and if possible you can buy the flat concrete floor where players can dribble the basketball. There are certain things to know before buying a basketball hoop.  For those who have paved driveway, which can accommodate 2 parked cars, then what is required is the hoop, the basketball and players can start practicing basketball.

Tips on buying a basketball hoop


Basketball can be bought without much thought but then there are various things to know before buying a basketball hoop. There are various brands and different types of hoops available on the market.

  • Deciding on the type of basketball hoop is your first step towards buying basketball hoop. There are basically three types of hoop which can be bought- portable hoop, in-ground pole system basketball hoop, and permanent system basketball hoop. Different kinds of basketball hoops have their own features. One can buy as per individual taste and preference. Portable basket ball hoops are standalone units, having a pole, base, backboard, and hop which is built-in. You can consider buying portable basketball hoops for they are all-in-one package which is ready to setup. The portable system is equipped with wheel permitting easy portability. In-ground pole system are the permanent hoops as the base is erected permanently from the ground. It is more stable and sturdier than portable ones. By using in-ground pole system, you will get more options on kinds of backboard to be used. Permanent system is actually where backboard are fastened into a permanent structure such as trees, walls, garage roof parts. Permanent basket ball hoop becomes permanent to the main structure where they are mounted on.
  • You can consider buying arcade hoops or toy hoops. Toy hoops are generally smaller when you compare them with the standard hoops. You can hang them behind walls, and doors using brackets. Arcade hoop has an electronic scoreboard where the score gets added, once ball gets inside the hoop.
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The importance of considering backboards

One important factor you have to consider while making the purchase of basketball hoop is the backboard. You can buy backboard of different material such as acrylic, wood, steel, fibreglass or even plastic. Consider buying acrylic backboards for they are durable and tough. Fibreglass and steel backboards are equally good. Apart from this, carefully consider the type of net you want to purchase while buying basketball hoop. Basically there are 3 kinds of nets, namely, chain, nylon and cable, which may be considered. As per your need and the place where hoop has to be installed, you can choose the material.

For those who are buying basketball hoop to be used by kids of certain age group, must look for hoops with adjustable heights. A 5 year old kid will find difficulty in throwing ball in the hoop placed at the regular height. Basketball adjustable hoop permits you to lower the hoop for smaller kids. It is extremely versatile to accommodate kids of different age groups.


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