The Nine Best Offices to Work in the World

The Nine Best Offices to Work in the World

How important is a business’s facility to its overall success? Well, if the amount of time and expense the world’s largest companies go through to optimize their office space is any indication, it is extremely important.

In recent decades, the world’s largest and most successful companies have been relentlessly innovating and advancing the field of office design. It has actually become a competition in certain industries to have the most innovative, most interesting, or most distinctive office building around. And the emphasis that well-capitalized companies have put into creating unique, innovative offices has led to a number of phenomenal office buildings all around the world. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most extraordinary office spaces ever created.

  1. The Lloyd’s of London Building

The main headquarters of Lloyd’s of London has an interior that is designed to look like a parking garage or an unfinished building. At the centre of every floor there is a massive open shaft that runs from the first floor of the building to the rooftop. Each floor opens directly onto this open-air vestibule, with only a thin glass railing separating the floors from the open shaft. Within the massive open space in the middle of the building, a network of escalators runs from floor to floor. This design serves to unite the entirety of the massive complex and provides a busy, energetic feel all throughout the building.

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  1. The Gazprom Building

Gazprom is the name of Russia’s largest petrochemical company, and one of the largest suppliers of gasoline anywhere in the world. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the company has gone private and become extraordinarily profitable, allowing it to invest in advanced new office spaces that are striking both on the exterior and interior. For example, the company is in the process of building a new headquarters that will be shaped like a flame, echoing the imagery of the gasoline the company provides.

  1. The CMA CGM Building

This building in Marseille, France is another corporate headquarters designed to look like its resident company’s chief product. In this case, the company is a major shipping outfit, and its massive corporate tower is designed to look just like the sail of a ship. The distinctive building, which is located between two highways, is tapered at front and back and narrows from the bottom floor to the top floor, making for a triangular shape that is unmistakably similar to a sail.

  1. The Aldar Building

This corporate tower, located in Dubai, is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike any building ever built before it, the building is an upright circle. To envision it, imagine a coin set on its side, and slightly sunk into the ground. Although the shape doesn’t have any particular significance for the company, it is a great example of a company using its office building to do something architecturally innovative. The building is so distinctive that is becoming major landmark in Dubai, and a must-see for tourists stopping by the city.

  1. The Bank of China HQ

The Bank of China headquarters was designed to break barriers in another way. The Chinese bank decided to design a headquarters that would reside inside a skyscraper taller than any other outside of the Western Hemisphere. The bank’s building was the first in Asia to break the 1000-foot mark. Not only is the building tall, it is designed to be visually interesting as well. The façade features dark tinted glass and a fringe of hyper-watt light bulbs that illuminate a latticework pattern up and down the sides. At night the building is virtually invisible except for the minimal white pattern around its edges.

  1. The Petronas Towers

Another architectural masterpiece of the Far East, the Petronas Towers, are the tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and for a period of time were the tallest buildings anywhere in the entire world. To this day, the two twin towers hold the world record for the highest sky bridge. The bridge connecting the two towers is over 500 feet in the air. Tourists line up outside the towers every single morning for one of the few select tickets to see the sky bridge. The towers also pioneered urban engineering by including a beautiful natural park at their base, which is one of the best places to see greenery anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

  1. The ING Group Building

Rather than design a building to look like any particular shape, financial giant ING Group created a tower that was meant to look like nothing more than an amorphous blob rising up out of the ground. The tower, which is in Amsterdam, is celebrated for rejecting the formalist conventions of traditional architecture, and pioneering a new school of architecture in which buildings can take on very unusual or indistinct shapes. And this building certainly does look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

  1. The Samsung Securities Building

The most interesting building in all of Seoul, South Korea is surely the Samsung Securities Building, which sports a raised viewing structure more than 100 feet over its top floor. The viewing structure, which is white in contrast to the rest the building’s black exterior, is supported by three metal legs and has a roof and panorama windows that look out on all sides. The viewing structure provides one of the very best views anywhere in Seoul. And it is quite a sight to behold itself. Visitors have described it as looking “futuristic” and “space-age.”

  1. Twin Star Square

Shanghai’s Twin Star Square bends the rules of architecture another way. Its twin towers feature bowed sides that bend inward, giving the sides of the buildings a concave appearance. While this shape may be less visually arresting than some of the others on this list, it may be the greatest feat of engineering listed here.

Although these remarkable buildings probably aren’t within the budget of your average office seeker, there are many other interesting buildings all around the world. If you are interested in finding an architecturally unusual building, a professional real estate agent, like the ones at Saracen Interiors, can help you find the most unconventional buildings in your area, and match you with one that fits your company’s needs.



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