The “Big Changes” Which Will Make Windows Explorer 11 Stand Out

Internet Explorer, the old and beloved web browser from Microsoft, saw a decline in popularity with the introduction of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in recent years. However, it was back with a bang last year when its newest version Internet Explorer 10 debuted with Windows 8. And the improvements just “wow”ed everyone.

As an upgraded version of Window 8, named Windows 8.1, is getting released in late 2013. And along with it is coming Internet Explorer 11, an upgraded version of Internet Explorer 10. As Microsoft promises that this new version will encourage users to surf longer, let’s take a look what Internet Explorer 11 has to offer:

Internet Explorer 11 Logo
Internet Explorer 11 Logo

Live Tiles For Websites

While Internet Explore 10 allowed users to pin websites to the Start screen, they used to get lost when compared to the embellished live tiles of apps. With Internet Explorer 11, the live-tile feature gets extended to pinned websites as well.

WebGL Support

WebGL helps in rendering 3D graphics within browsers, and Internet Explorer was the only one which lacked it so far. Internet Explorer 11 introduces its user-base to the wonders of WebGL for the first time.

Infinite Number of Tabs

It was a frustration for most users when Internet Explorer 10 restricted users to open only 10 tabs at a single time. However, it’s a good news for the tab addicts as Internet Explorer 11 will allow to open as many tabs as they want.

Favorites Come Back

The traditional way of managing the Favorites sections in Internet Explorer 10 went for a change. Users had to go to their desktop in order to manage their favorites. In Internet Explorer 11, however, the easy traditional way makes a comeback.

Apps Work Better

Though not considered to be a major drawback of Internet Explorer 10, but users used to get directed to a new tab once a link was clicked. And they had to manually come back to the “mother” site. With Internet Explorer 11, a smaller window gets opened where users can see both the windows side by side.

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