Studies Reveal That Java Exploits Can Potentially Affect Millions Of Computers

Security experts urgently recommend computer users to deinstall or disable Java, with the recent discovery of the zero-day Java coup which allowed hackers to control vulnerable PCs, Linux computers and Macs.

This has been made possible by a shortcoming in the new up-gradation of Java 7, which was launched in October 2012. A security lag in this update allows websites with malicious codes to gain control of the users’ computers.

What is particularly disturbing is that users have to pay a ransom to hackers to regain control over their personal information.

Java Exploits

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Oracle, Java’s creator, had launched this new update with a view to allow users to enable “bug fixes” and upgrade their security features. While the total number of computers that have been affected are not known yet, it is estimated that the security of about 850 million computers has been compromised.

While it is true that such software risks are sometimes exaggerated, it is better to take precaution anyway. The U.S Homeland Security Department has issued an advisory urging all users of this update to disable it and wait for an alternative solution. While Apple has dis-enabled Java, Mozilla warned its users with a Click-to-Play option for a Firefox feature that prevents Java from opening onto individual sites without the users consent.

Oracle has already come up with the solution to this problem, Update 11, which they strongly recommend. This new update is supposed to offer the solution for the security lapses of the previous release, Update 10, and they urge all users to upgrade to this new version.

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