Stormfly Comes Up With A New Ubuntu-Booting Manacle That Will Make Your Computer Childproof

As children, we have all experimented and messed up with our computers. With Now Computing, a Barcelona based company launching its Kickstarter Project, parents can be assured of possessing a device that will prevent such disastrous events from taking place.

Priced at 59 dollars, Stormfly is not just a 16 GB Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 flash-drive that has Ubuntu’s boot-able version and can be worn on the wrist. After the initial setup, kids can take off these bracelets and plug them into computers without damaging or deleting any files. Stormfly does not allow its users to access the Operating System of the host computer, thereby negating all possibilities of data loss.

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This is a useful tool to safeguard important documents given that children interact with technology from a very young age.

Even though parents might think that it is easy to set up security checks in their computers to safeguard information from their child’s experimental tendencies, they often forget to do so. Moreover, in case of the hardware being misplaced, parents can pay an additional monthly installment to gain access to the encrypted online surrogate component. If the user losses the bracelet, then Stormfly can ship a replacement unit with a backup of the lost data.

There are some problems too. The tag line of the project,“ Like a PC on your wrist” is slightly misleading. However, the description on the page explains the features of the product in a much more lucid manner. The project has steadily gathered steam having hit 14,000 dollars in pledges within a few days of its launch. With time the debate surrounding its credibility will yield clear results, thereby allowing designers and investors to include whether they have manufactured a real product or not.

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