SmileDrive Car App Gives You a Good Reason To Smile While You Drive

Planning a road trip with friends or family is so exciting! Chilled beer, winding roads, great food, even brilliant company and your car- doesn’t that sound like a creamy dream vacation to you?

Volkswagen has simply accelerated the fun quotient launching the new SmileDrive App that tracks your road trip. It is almost like bringing a personal note-taker cum historian cum photographer cum route tracker cum informer along while you can simply relax and drive and bless your stars! The app does it all for you.

                                                                     SmileDrive Car App

Get started – Your car has a Bluetooth system and you have a Google account. Sign in using your account and sync the app with the Bluetooth system of your app. In case your car lacks Bluetooth functionality there is a manual recording system waiting for you. As soon as the two get bonded, the app will automatically sense when you are driving and start tracking your trip.

As soon as you are done with each ride you get a smile score. There is bonus of course. If you are driving on a very cold day or in some acute weather you receive stickers or earn awards.

Share and make merry – The tracker can help you share your journey online and well immediately. So those who miss you can feel as though a part of the trip and let the rest burn in toxic jealousy! You can also share the completed trip once the recording is done as Smilecast and lo! You have documented the journey.

Also a savior – You might be on a crowded road or inside a cramped mall where the parking is swamped with cars. Tensed? No worries! This smart app is there to help you anywhere anytime. It keeps a track of where you have parked your car. The Find My Car feature stores the exact location and helps you swim to it.

Ending it with a sweet note let me tell you, the SmileDrive app is now available for android and works with any type of automobile. Cheers!



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