Nirvana for adults’ souls – Mandala Coloring App by Mobixed

Nirvana for adults’ souls – Mandala Coloring App by Mobixed

Coloring apps for adults are proving to be extremely therapeutic and can help generate wellness, quietness, mindfulness and the exact same benefits which meditation imparts  on the brain!

It is no wonder that,  coloring for adults app, as well as coloring for adults printables online and offline are so popular these days. Such creative activities are almost like Nirvana for adults’ souls.

Download Now! It is FREE.


Download Now! It is FREE.

Why Mandalas?

Mandalas are symmetrical patterns and representations having their origins in India. When an adult colors these repetitive patterns, s/he actually experiences mindfulness and even reaches a meditative state. This has even been proven by several scientific studies. With so many therapeutic benefits of coloring pages for adults, it is time that every adult downloads free coloring pages for adults!

Coloring utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, right and left. When we are thinking about balance, color choices, applying colored pencil to paper, we are working on problem solving and fine motor skills.  All the areas of retraining of the brain and skills training that can be accomplished with coloring increasingly difficult designs. The individual can start on easier items, and work their way up.


Color Meanings

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