The Many Secret Uses of Hair Conditioner

To begin with, the most common thing about women is that we multitask at all times. You call it tragedy or whatever else you may. Maybe we don’t have to always, but however, we are programmed that way and we care more about a world of things but us. Personally even I am not one blessed with all the time and money either. So it definitely hurts to throw away half empty bottles of beauty products cause the dates are over. During my growing up days I would see my mom find out these weird ways to make her beauty products multitask for her. Well though I didn’t find it very agreeable mostly but I must admit she was pretty smart at that.


Adding to that, off late I have found few of my gal pals complaining about the side effects of purchasing the larger money saver bottles of hair conditioners. Its unfortunate that most of us are unaware of the many uses of these basic beauty products. Often bound by the expiry dates of the conditioners or our hair loosing their love of them we land up throwing away bottles of them.
So, here I’m sharing some very useful tips with you, hoping like me you would find them useful too. Plus it will also help you stretch your dollar a bit longer not compromising with your beauty.

  • Use it like a makeup remover. Dab a bit of conditioner onto a cotton pad and see how smoothly it removes your makeup, leaving you skin feather soft.
  • Use it to lubricate the door and window hinges to spare yourself the ugly screeches, also see how a few drops can make you curtains slide on the rods, or even smoothen your zippers.
  • Use it to wash delicate laundry much said, it will also leave them smelling nice too.
  • Brush it onto expensive leather accessories to prevent the leather from breaking in dry weathers.
  • Use it to wash your hair directly if your hair is dry and frizzy its does wonders and you’ll love how easily it works with your comb afterwards.
  • Use it as a post shower skin conditioner or shaving foam. Lather up conditioner onto your still damp skin evenly and finally wash, your skin will be smooth and smelling heavenly.
  • A few drops of hair conditioner will help to remove tight rings and jewelery.
  • Hair conditioners wonderfully multitask as cuticle softeners.
  • If you like me suffer from hard and dry heels in the winters coat your feet with a nice layer of hair conditioner before you put on your cotton socks and tuck into bed. Much an experiment as it may sound but the morning sight of your feet is total worth the effort.

Well, there are lot more of them as you will discover yourself once you start, just be a little creative and keep your minds open. As my mother would say don’t let the advertisements always restrict you as to how you use your products. Sometimes just a singular bottle of hair conditioner can do much more than you would’ve ever imagined.

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