Make Your Home Summer Ready With 5 Home Décor Ideas

Summer is here, and you must have started to feel its warmth. In this warm weather, it’s a good idea to decorate your home such that it too reflects the warmth and vibrancy of summer. By applying some simple and easy home décor ideas, you can give a summer like look and feel to your home.

Summer interior decor

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Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Go for light colored furniture

Muted and dark hues are fit for winter and fall, but summer and spring are seasons for airy and light colors. Go for using decorative throws and removable slipcovers, to bring colors and brightness in your home. If you prefer neutrals and whites, go for khaki and white slipcovers. Though they are casual, you can dress them up immediately using formal throw pillows.

2. Use curtains

If you want to keep out the heat and let the cool air at night reach inside your home, go for using curtains, rather than drapery. The material of drapery is dark and heavy, while curtains along with sheers can provide you a versatile flexibility during the warmer months. In case you want to get the views, and don’t prefer to cover the windows up, use valances.

3. Let in the outdoors

When thinking of summer, we get feelings of outdoors. Fresh fruit centerpieces, plants and flowers give an aromatic smell to your home and make it look beautiful. To get a rustic feel, bring in some eco-friendly materials, such as jute area rugs, hemp and bamboo. Such materials bring a natural and exotic feel of the outdoors inside. By entertaining the outdoors, you can give yourself a welcome break from being indoors. Summer is about spontaneity and flexibility.

4. Get some great views

Having an amazing view to look at, can be a great way of welcoming summer in your home. Place most of your furniture facing towards your lush green yard or pool. Whether you enjoy your home or not depends on your emotions. If opening the windows to watch and hear nature feels good to you, then go for doing it. If you don’t like the view from the windows, choose a wall décor or buy a painting, which you like to look at.

5. Go kid friendly

In summer time, your kids will be around your home. Ensure that your slipcovers and fabrics are fun, casual and very importantly, machine washable. Create summer time crafts and arts projects using nature inspired materials like seashells. Your kids’ projects can make great summer décor, which you can display around your home.

Apply these home décor ideas and see how your home feels colorful, bright, relaxing and completely summer ready.

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