L’Oreal’s New Product Surprises you With Twin Gifts- Sun Protection With Tanning!

The new Sublime Bronze TMrange of self-tanning products launched by L’Oreal Paris is simply kick-ass! Protection against harmful UV rays of sun and the deep sultry tan that results from prolonged exposure to the hot sun comes in the same package. Yes you can scream, jump and revel at the prospect of enjoying a flawless, smooth, sun protected yet tanned skin and need not stare at the cloud covered sky for the much awaited glimpse of your beloved sun!

 L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze

What more? You get the first ever bottle of tanning gel free of parabens so there is not even the slightest room for any harm probable to your skin. The expert, tested-to-success formula offers a splash of soothing coolness, a light citrus perfume and comes neatly wrapped in a spray bottle- life made easy, eh?


All you need– You have two options. Go for the clear self-tanning gel, this immediately gives you a gold blush you love so much and impossible to attain on that milk and rose complexion. If you want things faster and starker, Luminous Bronzer is your thing. It illuminates your skin radiating a polished golden glow that lasts long.


Saves your time– Both the products are light on skin and dry up easily. Thankfully they don’t stick to your skin but leaves it supple and fresh. The product comes in gel form blooming up a smooth natural looking tan on your skin pretty fast.


Hard to reach spots now easy– Applying any lotion evenly on your back is a pain and L’Oreal understands that. The gel comes in a spray bottle that you can easily apply on your back and no need to massage or blend, keep it like that and get ready for a sublime sun kiss!


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