Learn more about corrugated boxes and their functionalities

Corrugated boxes form an integral part of the packaging industry. These are found everywhere helping people shift both domestic as well as industrial items safely from one place to the other. Also these are extremely useful items for craft lovers. Last week you cut out a fun house for your sweet puppy. These corrugated boxes are also biodegradable and can be recycled whenever needed. A corrugated box is quite strong and can withstand huge weights. These boxes are especially made of cardboard. Have you ever seen the edge of a corrugated box? If you see the box very closely you will find that there are numerous air chambers; these act as cushion to withstand jerks and hasty movements. These air chambers/columns actually help save your items from being spilled. Also there are partitions which basically protect your items inside and hold them in place so as to avoid damage.

In the USA around 95% of products imported or exported are packaged and shipped in corrugated boxes. These boxes are recovered and recycled. There are thousands of corrugated boxes manufacturers operating in and across the US.

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