Get Innovative Packages to Replace Your Old Pharma Package

The big pharmaceutical companies are no longer the masters of a healthcare industry in which they produce a large amount of drugs for a large patient population.

There has been a lot of transformation for pharmaceutical industries urged by the repositioning of patients at the center of the new health care structure, impacting on the old structure of pharma, where pharmaceutical companies produced medicines that physicians prescribed to patients with a little exchange of words.

Since more and more major drug brands are emerging in the market and the chance of fewer new products to be launched soon to replace them, and with patients behaving much like consumers; branding of a product gets even more apparent. And therefore, there is a trend to bring a change to the consistent white box pharma packaging.

Pharma Package

he packaging does not only aim at conveying mandatory regulatory information about the products, but also about fostering a deeper bonding with patients. This role can be done more with consumer packaged products.

Adherence levels- the assessment of how many patients choose prescribed drugs for the duration of their course-are becoming quite low among patients. This has led to massive losses in pharma industry. Therefore, the whole industry is busy carrying out a research to find out the reason for this.

There are varied reasons. But, one observation establishes that it is packaging that can contribute to improving adherence levels. For example- it is an illness that characterizes the relationship between patients and the medicines, not the wellness. And therefore, the box containing the product stands for the condition rather than recovery.

Ways to tackle this problem

Packaging can not only aim at redefining the emotional relationship between the products and patients, but also the other tangible areas. A patient faces challenges when he/she has to take medicines for an extensive period of time. This is because it can lead the patient to lapse. On the other hand, the relationship between medicines and recovery cannot be that obvious when a patient is in remission. And the patient whose life has been impacted by the condition of the illness is an easy option to find out why adherence levels have dropped.

Therefore, pharma companies are getting innovative with their packaging and improving its functionality. For instance, some inclusions in the packaging preparation are done to help patients remember when they have taken their medicines. Not only that, the more sophisticated approaches such as 2D barcode is applied to the packaging to make sure that prescribing methodologies are followed. At the same time, the QR bar code has been made easy so that the users can easily decode this using a mobile app.


Ways to recover the losses

Packaging seems to recover the annual losses, therefore; the pharma industry has chosen this option to protect itself. There is a wide variety of secure techniques to address this issue and each variety offers a different kind of success. Whereas security technique of a packaging is concerned, it includes embossing, micro-texting, customized varnishes, holographic materials, custom graphics and fonts, tamper-evidence stickers.

Well, you can even find out some latest techniques as well to ensure the source of medicines. For instance- “scratch and reveal” serial numbers are such a method.

This is a time where pharma companies need to understand their users more than just a patient as well as a consumer. All the medicine industry requires is behavioral insight- through which they can understand the lifestyles of the patients.

The packaging of medicines evolves every now and then, because of the ever-changing pharma landscape. Therefore, you should take initiative to maximize the impact of packaging. And therefore, it is time to replace that old and humble pill box with a more advanced and efficient pill box.

Get it to secure the future of your medical business.

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