Go Green – Healthy Grilled Vegetables

Use these delicious recipes to cook healthy grilled vegetables!

Enough of meat: it’s time to grill some fresh vegetables. Vegetables cook quickly and are very delicious with just the hint of smoke from the grill. Plus you don’t have to panic about whether they’re over or underdone in the middle like you do with a steak or a burger. In most cases, you can tell if vegetables are ready just by looking at them.

Download Grilled Vegetarian Delights for Android!

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Download Grilled Vegetarian Delights for Android!

So what could be easier than making your entire meal on the grill? Learn how to grill vegetables and cook these veggie side dishes alongside your mains for a simple, healthy and delicious summer menu. Find lip smacking corn, eggplant, peppers and more grilled vegetable recipes.

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