Getting to know the different types of packaging tapes

When companies post a package it is vitally important that they select a good tape to secure their parcel with. After all, it is of the utmost importance that the product inside of the parcel gets to the individual in question in the way in which it was initially sent. A lot of people may not realise it, but there are a lot of different types of packaging tape available. This article will reveal what these different types are in order to give people a helping hand when it comes to selecting which one to go for.

 First and foremost, despite what type of tape one opts for it is highly recommendable to consider the option of going for custom made tape. Using eye-catching colours and designs not only looks good but is advantageous for other reasons to. For instance, having one’s logo printed on the tape can be highly beneficial. It is a great way of advertising a company and can always be utilised as part of one’s marketing scheme. It is important to think outside of the box nowadays. This is because of the damning effects of the recession and the restraints it has placed on businesses. Tape for packaging purposes is something that a business will need to buy. Therefore, by utilising the packaging for promotion purposes it is a great way of getting a company name out there whilst not spending any excess money.

 As stated, there are lots of different types of tape available to businesses these days. If an individual is seeking something for long haul travel or repair then the best option to go for is cloth tape. Cloth tape is highly advantageous because it is extremely strong. Not only this but it is waterproof as well so it is less susceptible to any weather damage or alike.

 Perhaps the most popular type of tape for packaging and most highly regarded is vinyl tape. This tape is used for basic packaging, e.g. goods placed in cardboard boxes and distributed. It is not only strong and water resistant like the cloth tape mentioned above, but it is also tear resistant as well which is highly beneficial as it ensures that no damage is made and that no intruders can open the box in question.

 When it comes to packaging boxes and items which are extremely heavy then it is highly advisable to opt for filament tape. The strength provided by this product is something which is not matched nor replicated in any other type of tape. The reason it is so strong is because of the way in which it is made up. Glass filaments are cross woven thorough the tape and this is why it is such a recommended option.

 All in all, there are lots of different types of tape for packaging. Those mentioned in this article are only a handful of what is on offer. When buying tape the supplier should be able to point the individual buying into the right direction regarding what they should go for.

Author Bio: Patrick Griffith has been working as the manager of a leading packaging company for seven years now. He loves to inform her readers about various packaging supplies. In this article he is providing us with some valuable information on packaging tape.

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