Envy 17 – New Laptop From HP With Built-in Leap Motion

Before we move ahead to the latest invention from HP, let’s talk a little about the Leap Motion technology, shall we? I’m sure we all have noticed how Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man works on his computer, and controls it with just the wave of a hand. And I’m sure most of us have tried imitating him while alone inside our rooms. content_leapdowneyleap

While we thought it’s a far-fetched thought only possible in sci-fi movies, the LeapMotion controller has proved us wrong. It is an advanced motion-sensing device which enhances computer-human interaction. This small device comes with 3 infrared LEDs and 2 cameras, and has to attached to a desktop computer in order to function. It covers a hemispherical area of approximately 3 feet, and comes with the ability to track fingers (as well as smaller objects like a pen). When the tracking is complete, the user can work on computer with just moving his hands in the air. A couple of months back, Leap Motion made a deal with HP to embed its technology within its computers. To be made available for purchase from October 2013, HP announced its new laptop named Envy 17 which has a Leap Motion controller embedded into it. Let’s take a look at it in this video:

This embedded device is longer and thinner than the standalone device we can buy in the market. Moreover, the laptop has Airspace, Leap’s app store pre-installed in it. Other than this, the laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 processor, has a full HD (1,920 x 1,080) screen, and comes with a 1TB hard disk. The Intel graphics can also be upgraded to Nvidia if the user feels the need.

The market price of the Envy 17 has been marked to be starting at $1,049.99. Overall, it is a new page getting turned in the world of technological advancements, and this Leap Motion-enabled laptop from HP is surely a fascinating attempt to enhance PC controlling experience.

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