Differentiate between Synthetic and Natural Sponges

An expert had once opined that you need the right sponge for the right kind of cleaning. Today you have natural as well synthetic sponge available in the market. As it is the role of sponges can’t be ignored; but you have to make sure that you use a kitchen sponge for cleaning of kitchen utensils and not for cleaning a television screen. While the craggy surface needs a rugged sponge the smoother surface would need a softer sponge to do all the cleaning. Today there are a variety of sponges available for household as well for commercial needs. The synthetic sponges are produced in bulk and which has also contributed to the fact that these man-made sponges have gained a widespread popularity. While some of these synthetic sponges do rugged cleaning for rough surfaces, the others can be really gentle and smooth.

The natural sponges or the sea sponges are living creatures having great utility. Despite of the popularity of synthetic sponges, we are all aware of how great the natural sponges. The sea sponges are durable and denser though not too uniform in their shapes. You can get those dusty sills cleaned with a sea sponge. The window cleaning professionals make use of natural sponges which have this incredible ability to store and absorb water. Today you can buy a packet of cleaning sponges from the market and keep your home soot-free.

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