Cleaning Soot off your Household Goods

Tired of seeing soot everywhere? Don’t worry there is a perfect solution for cleaning up soot. Dry cleaning sponges are best suited for removing soot from wooden or metal surfaces and even fabrics. These are basically made from vulcanized rubber mostly used for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. They are especially designed to remove smoke layers settled on metal or wooden surfaces. Most importantly if you have soot layers on your favorite dress you can get rid of it with this magical Dry Cleaning Sponge. These special sponges are mild on fabrics and are capable of cleaning delicate clothing materials. The cleaning sponges are effective in leaving no trace of soot on the surface. They are non-greasy and light.

Dry cleaning sponge makes cleaning easy and does the job without a single drop of water being sprinkled on the surface. Don’t stress if you find your pet’s fur sticking to the sofas, chairs or even the bed; with dry cleaning sponge you can even get rid of pet hair.

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