‘Car Mode’ Helps Avoid Driving And Texting

Before we move ahead with ‘Car Mode’ which is designed to discourage iPhone users from driving and texting at the same time, let’s take a look at some statistics. Did you know that a person does not look in front for 5 seconds while he is texting and driving? So if he is driving at a speed of 88 kph, this means that he’s driving the entire length of a football field without looking up at the road ahead.

Or maybe this one will give a clearer idea. In 2012, at least 23% of car accidents involved mobile phones, and this figure sums up to 1.3 million crashes. Basic sense of car owners has gone for a toss, and safety is seriously at stake nowadays. This is the reason why New York-based designer Joey Cofone has come with ‘Car Mode’ – still a concept – which will prevent incoming, outgoing and viewing of text messages once the iPhone gets connected to the Bluetooth system of a car.

Car Mode

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Navigation and hands-free phone calls would still be enabled in ‘Car Mode’. However, when the ‘Car Mode’ is on, people who are texting the driver will be sent automatic messages from the iPhone, stating that the driver won’t be able to respond as he’s on the steering. All the messages and notifications can be accessed once the mode is disabled or the car stops.

Cofone has revealed that ‘Car Mode’ is not an app or device. Rather, it is a feature which will be embedded into the iOS 7. His concept is still at the early stages, but has already won the 1st prize at the Command X contest in October where the contestants were asked to present ideas on preventing driving and texting.

Although he has not yet decided on having a chat with Apple, but we hope that his idea gets accepted when he does. It’s his attempt of saving as many lives as possible, and we must rightly participate and follow it.

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