All You Need to Know About the Cleaning Sponges

Whenever we think of undertaking the project of cleaning our house, cleaning sponges are the tool renders us the most efficient service. Despite its good use and efficiency, we hardly ever dedicate any though to what they actually are, what they are made of and the types in which they come in the market. This task should begin with the endeavor to define the object. It is basically a tool or utensil that helps us to clean both surface and substances. This handy piece of cleaning instrument is tailored out of porous substance, which can be made of wood fiber, cellulose and plastic polymers.

These sponges are endowed with idiosyncratic features that make them the most suitable cleaning tool. They have the ability to contain water in them which can either be squeezed out of them or retained to be used in the course of the cleaning process. Because of their elasticity and because they are composed of loosely connected mesh fibers, it enables them to retain water or dirt till they are squeezed. These sponges are in use from the antediluvian age, although today they are being manufactured on a large scale to meet the demand of the market. Now the manufacturers have managed to introduce variety of in the range of cleaning sponges. The types of cleaning sponge available are metal, natural, dry cleaning sponge, all surface, nylon and cellulose.

  1. Metal sponges:

The sponges made of metal are hardy and long-lasting and are extensively used for scrubbing. Made from steel wool, they are used for scouring the surfaces.

  1. Natural sponges:

Natural sponges are just the opposite of metal sponges, as they are soft and tender in nature which makes them perfect to be used in bathing, car washing and window washing. They are notable for their highly- absorbing quality.

  1. Dry cleaning sponges:

The third type is dry cleaning sponges which are made of cellulose latex foam and can be used only in the dry condition. They are suitable to be used only on the dry surfaces like drywall and upholstery. They are also capable of removing soot and fits into those cleaning contexts that do not need the involvement of any other cleaning agent.

  1. All- surface sponges:

The all-surface sponges are an effective combination of cellulose and abrasive scrubber that makes it long-lasting and reliable. They are used to remove tough stains from grills, pans and pots, dishes and for cleaning counters.

  1. Nylon :

This variation of cleaning sponges are non-abrasive and they function well on Teflon coated surfaces.

  1. Cellulose sponges:

There is another kind called cellulose sponge which is made out of spun plastic which enables them to provide cleaning service for a long duration. They come really handy for cleaning surfaces, tiled floors and spills.

Sponges are the perfect cleaning tool for their capacity of holding water and liquids and also for their pattern. But before picking up a certain variety of cleaning sponge, it is important to judge for what kind of cleaning purpose the sponge is required. It is also important to wash them after use and dry them before using again.







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