5 Tips for Saving Fuel in Your Car

Using a car comes with huge expenses for fuel. If you can lower your fuel expenses, you can invest the money saved in a better way. This post is here to help you do so. Below appear some tips for saving fuel in your car.

Saving Fuel

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1. Go for fewer trips

When a car is parked for several hours, the engine becomes cold, and the car consumes more fuel while moving for first five miles. Although it’s ideal to combine all of your regular errands in a single big trip, but that’s often not possible. You may need to go out for dropping off or collecting your family. However, try not going out separately for buying a newspaper or visiting the supermarket shop.

2. Don’t drive during the rush hours

Getting stuck in traffic jams is not only annoying, but also quite expensive. Every time your car stops and starts in traffic, it requires the first gear, along with a big quantity of fuel for moving again. Even the second gear is not a lot better. The solution is not traveling during the rush hours. Some fuel can be saved by drivers by understanding the activities of the traffic in front of them, and moving steadily at low speed, instead of accelerating and braking.

3. Close the sunroof and windows

When driving in the town, there’s not much problem. However, when you are out of the town, driving on the motorway and moving quite quickly, your car shape plays an important role. This is referred to as ‘aerodynamics’ by car designers, and they always try to lower the ‘drag’, and make cars sleek to the maximum extent. Anything producing wind noise while your car moves, is increasing your fuel expenses. So, don’t leave the sunroof and windows of your car open. Choose to make use of the air vents mostly, and the air conditioner in case the weather is too hot.

4. Remove the ski box or roof rack

This is even worse than leaving the car windows open. The empty roof rack increases the drag, thereby making the car consume greater fuel. Having a large ski box is similar to strapping another car to the roof. The latest ski boxes and roof racks can be easily fitted and removed, so try to remove them when they are not in use.

5. Don’t have unnecessary weight

Similar to your body, a car needs greater fuel for carrying more weight. Just like you won’t put on a heavy outfit if not needed, don’t put heavy things in your car, unless required.

These are some effective tips for saving fuel in your car. Apply them and save a good amount on your fuel bills.


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