5 Factors to Consider to Design a Deck Successfully

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, and soak up the warmth. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the summer months, opt for adding a deck to your home. A deck not only makes a great place to have fun with friends and family, but also increases the value of your home. However, before proceeding to design a deck that is appealing and useful for your family, you need to do a careful planning and consider several factors.


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Whether your deck is to match your new timber home, or would serve as an added outdoor space, here are some factors to take into account when building a great deck.

1. Design Considerations:

The first thing to consider is where you wish your deck to be situated on your home. As per Mike Rudh, from Decks.com, average outdoor space is around 12 – 18% of the entire home’s square footage. So, imagine the deck in the same way as you would imagine a room in your home. He says that the deck’s parameter should be kept away from the windows by a distance of 2 feet at least.

2. Function:

The deck is used by most people for dining outdoors. So, consider positioning the deck such that it allows entry into the kitchen of your home. This is a small design decision, but would create a big difference in times when you are entertaining guests, or grilling, during meal time. For accommodating eating outside, homeowners often include a bump-out or an octagon space in their deck, for separating the chairs and table in their designated area of dining. A screened-in space, like a gazebo, can also work well for such a setting. For other entertainment types, things like outdoor kitchens and inbuilt hot tubs are gaining popularity in current deck designs.

3. Layout:

After going through the basic considerations of deck design, you have to think about the style and size of your deck. Consider walking around the construction site, or your yard, and mapping out the potential deck with the help of a garden hose or rope. It is recommended by Mike Rudh that you should use increments of 2-foot while determining the deck size. He says that typically lumber is cut to lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 16-foot, and so, choosing a deck of standard size, which adheres to such measurements, would result in savings in scrap materials, and thereby in money.

4. Entrance:

Although the desirable option is to create a doorway walking straight out to your deck, however, if the region you live in is snowy, consider including a small stairway down from the doorway, for preventing snow from leaning against the door.

5. Exits:

In case, you wish to construct stairs from the deck down to the back yard, it’s important for you to read carefully the staircase regulations of your area. Each step’s run should be within 10 -12 inches deep to ensure good safety. In case, your deck is second-story deck, include a landing midway, down the stairway for minimizing potential falls. To build staircases, follow the staircase regulations of your region strictly.

These are some of the many factors you need to consider to design a deck efficiently. Consider seeking the help of reliable home improvement professionals before planning your deck design. A reliable home improvement professional can create a great deck for you that is attractive, useful and safe.

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