10 Tips to Find Your Sunscreen

Recently, my nearing its end bottle of sunscreen got me into some serious trouble. Tormented by sensitive skin for the longest time as I could recall it has always been a trouble for me to find the perfect sunscreen for my skin. So running out of my favorite sunscreen or for added misfortune discovering that the the particular brand has chosen to discontinue that very line of products out of all others meant the end my life.

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I always prefer sticking to any product that didn’t break me out and suit my rather special skin type. If luckily I did spot one particular product I would choose to stash as many bottles as I could that would last me for some time to come.

Hunting down a product trusting the glossy and expensive packaging and the greasy marketing talk was not going to fool me. But this time I really didn’t have the luxury for any prior study online. So with the weekend nearing and my plans at the beach with my gang I needed something fast.

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Passing the long isles at the local drugstore stocked with numerous bottles of sunscreen on display I was lost. However having my pals at rescue with the same sun protection product, I was sorted for the day. But it led me to do a deeper research.

My question was, what are these products that work for or against your skin? How do I fathom from the bottle that it would do my skin justice?

If you too face similar situations, the following tips will surely help you determine your sunscreen:

#1 Its not obvious that the most expensive product is the best: Although a costly brand might feel or smell better, it is not necessarily more effective than a cheaper product.

#2 Dont go by the label look for the ingredients: The ingredients in a typical sunscreen may not not be ideally designed for your skin and cause irritation.

#3 Choose different products for rainy days or for the beach: Look for a waterproof brand if you will be sweating or swimming. Not just for hotter days, even for out door sports, work-outs or like me a day by the beach will make you perspire or eventually wash off your suncreen and make you vulnerable to the harsh sun rays.

#4 Higher SPF doesnt mean better protection

#5 Get a brand that does not contain para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) if you are sensitive to the ingredients

#6 Look protection against both UV-A (ultra violet A) and UV-B ( ultra violet B)

#7 Pick a different product is you are prone to acne or rashes: Buy a non-stinging product or one specifically formulated for your face.

#8 Look for the manufactured dates and always follow the expiry dates: Never continue using the products after its expiry dates just because they are not finished as yet.

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#9 Choose milder products for your kids: Get products that are mild enough to protect their delicate skin gently.

#10 Your go to sunscreen should be formulated for your particular skin type

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