With MilestonePod, You Can Track The Longevity Of Your Shoes

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Launched by Milestone, a group composed of enthusiastic athletes, MilestonePod is a device that allows joggers and runners to passively record the number of miles that have been treaded so as to replace their shoes at the right time- neither too early leading to monetary wastage, nor too late after suffering physical injury.

The outer appearance of shoes may not always reveal the substantial wear and tear that the inner supportive layers have undergone. With MilestonePod, you can keep a track of the number of miles for which you have treaded in them. Once the device shows that the usage of the shoe has exceeded 400 miles, then you would know that it is time to replace them before you risk injury to your feet.

This device has been designed to track the miles for which the shoe has been used. It provides constant updates and helps users to keep a record of the mileage.

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Not heavier than 6 grams, this device is placed in a glass cap that can be clipped to the shoe lace. You can remove the device if you wish, or you can keep it attached. You will not feel this feather-weighted device at all when you run.

Being a digital device, it can store as much information as you want it to. This list might include prescription information, allergies, medical histories, emergency contact details and insurance information. This device, however, does not come with an in-built security system. Therefore, be a little wary of storing personal information in it.

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