What is the need of using Ego ecig?

Cigarettes are among the highest selling items in the world. They are smoked by the young and old alike. But at the same it is also a fact that cigarettes are very harmful for health. Doctors strongly advise those who are smokers to quit as soon as possible. Although the public now knows about the ill effects of smoking, they still find it very difficult to quit. Since the 1960’s efforts are on in order to innovate products that will notable reduce the harmful effects of cigarette. Nicotine patches, chewing gum are among the things that people try as alternative for smoking. But none of it has been able to make a splash as Ego ecig.
Electronic cigarettes (more popular as e-cigarettes) are the hottest anti tobacco product in the market. They look like actual cigarettes but are tobacco free. Instead the smokers will inhale a vapour containing nicotine that is free from the harmful elements of the normal tobacco smoke. This feature automatically makes it safer for both the smoker and the nearby persons.

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Inside an e-cigarette there is a cartridge that contains nicotine in a liquid form. It is known as e-liquid. These liquids are available in various flavours. When someone smokes an e-cigarette, a small atomizer running on battery will turn some parts of the liquid into vapour form which the smoker will then inhale. Inhaling this vapour will make the smoker feel like he is taking nicotine from a regular cigarette. Patches or gum will come nowhere near. While smoking, a small, red LED light glows at the e-cigarette tip giving out the appearance of real cigarette.

Apart from flavours the liquid nicotine also comes in variations like strong, medium and light. The reason for this variation is to help people curb the habit. One can start with strong nicotine then move into light strength and finally quit it all together.
The popularity of electronic cigarettes is because there are certain advantages with them. Smokers get to feel the nicotine hit much quicker than gums or patches. Also since this is shaped like an actual cigarette, the mental satisfaction is also there. If you look at it from a financial point of view then it is much cheaper than smoking real cigarettes. All you need to spend is the initial amount and then change the nicotine cartridge from time to time. If you smoke real cigarettes you will have to buy multiple ones in one day making the expenditure behind cigarettes a permanent one.

Like many popular electronic products, e-cigarettes also come in cheap imitations. They are half the price of original ones. Since this is a health related issue it is better to avoid them and go for genuine products. Cheap ones can cause harm to your health. As the electronic battery powered cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, people have begun to use them in places where real cigarettes cannot be smoke, a prime example of it being bars, restaurants. At present it is the best alternative to smoking cigarettes.


Author Bio:- Denzel Wilson is a corporate health and wellness consultant. He convinced lots of corporate executives to leave smoking habits by explaining it’s harmful effects thoroughly. After detailed discussion with doctors regarding the safety of consuming electronic cigarettes, he recommended Eco ecig to various employees in various industries.

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