Wearable Technology – How Will It Affect The Start-up World?


The world of technology has recently bestowed us with wearable gadgets like Nike+ FuelBand and Google Glass. And to top it all, there is a good chance of Apple’s iWatch becoming a part of reality in 2014. These exciting wearable gadgets have stormed their way into the market, and entrepreneurs are already enthusiastic to use them in their own businesses.

But let’s face it. We know all about these gadgets from the point of view of a consumer. However, it is not very easy to determine how and to what end they will be able to change the lives of business owners. So, here are some possibilities which can be taken into consideration:

#1.Faster Access to Augmented Reality

The entire process of taking out your smartphone, loading an app, and viewing the augmented reality is time-consuming. Wearable gadgets do this work in a much lesser time. Take Google Glass for instance. As you walk inside a conference room wearing the Google Glass, you have the option of seeing LinkedIn buttons floating over the head of each person present in the room. In short, wearable gadgets will help start-ups save a lot of time.

#2.Improvement in Services and Products

Wearable gadgets will help start-ups access the real-time data about their customers with a greater ease. As things becomes easier, the breadth and depth of these collected data will get enhanced, and in turn, help aid in accelerating the progress of the services and products of the business.

#3.Resurrection of Fashion and Design Awareness

When smartphones (or even laptops) came into prominence, focus was mainly on their functionality. As time passed by, their aesthetic appeal started gaining an equal amount of importance. Wearable gadgets will also face the approach of this trend, but at a much lesser time. The sole reason for this is because they are wearable, and therefore, have to be fashionable. Hence, start-ups will have to consider the physical needs of their customers as well.

Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of fashion. And not just fashion, our lives are getting heavily depended on them. With the rise of the wearable gadgets, things are surely going to get even simpler yet exciting. That’s all which can be predicted right now!

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