Trivia : Freddy & Friends – How about spending those dreadful 5 nights at Freddy’s?

Trivia & Quiz:: Five Nights at Freddy’s – FNaF

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a 2014 indie point-and-click survival horror video game designed by Scott Cawthon. The game centers on the fictional pizza restaurant called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”, where the player must act as a night security guard, defending themself from the animatronic animal characters by tracking their movement through the facility using security cameras.

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Download the Trivia Quiz for FNaF NOW!

For iOS – FNaF Trivia Quiz

FNaf – The Plot::

The main character, whose name is later revealed to be Mike Schmidt, has started a job working as a night watch security guard at the restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza .

A voicemail message left by Mike’s predecessor explains that the animatronic animal characters used at the restaurant, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and the disused Foxy, are able to roam freely around it at night, because if they were left off for too long, their servomotors would lock up.

He also adds that the animatronics were no longer allowed to roam freely during the day following an incident referred to as the “Bite of ’87”, which apparently involved the loss of someone’s frontal lobe.

The employee warns Mike that if one of the robots encounters a human, they will automatically assume that it is an endoskeleton that is not in costume yet, and “forcefully stuff them” into a spare mechanical Freddy Fazbear costume, killing the person in the process.

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