Top 8 Apps to Light-up your Weekend

Weekends are the times of your well-earned breaks from excessive work pressures. Getting a good sleep is obviously a top priority. But have you ever thought how are you going to manage both your plans and your leisure times?

If you are one of those people who believe in the role of Smartphone and Tablet apps in simplifying life, here are top 8 apps which guarantees to make your weekend worth waiting for.

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#1. Baristame
This Android app is especially designed for coffee lovers. Now you do not have to visit a coffee shop to relish a cup of Caffè Latte. This app contains recipes and layer guides of popular coffee drinks. Making and trying out new recipes were never this fun.

#2. Shortyz Crosswords
If you are a fan of crossword puzzles and also try your best to go green, this app lets you solve them on your tablet or Smartphone. You get to try out new puzzles pulled in from major newspapers around the world.

#3. WhatsApp Messenger
Perhaps the latest way adopted by millions to stay in touch with friends and family is the WhatApps Messenger. You can send and receive pictures, messages, videos, audio notes and a lot more.

#4. Digg
This is your chance to get hold of interesting events and important news on the Internet. This app gives you easy access to breaking news on politics, entertainment and technology as well as the best pictures and videos on the web.

#5. Songkick
Do you want to keep track of your favorite band? Songkick helps you do it with ease. It creates the band’s concert calender so that you never miss them live.

#6. DinnerSpinner
Eager to cook something new for your family or friends? This app lets you search by ingredient, dish type and preparation time. Just include the names of the ingredients you would like to use, and press the search button.

#7. OpenTable
Or do you want to take them out on a fun dinner? OpenTable lets you avoid long waits and allows you to make a reservation at one of more than 20,000 restaurants in Canada and the U.S.

#8. Cocktail Flow
Weekend fun is incomplete without some good libation. Try out this app which is teeming with recipes ranging from martinis to margaritas.

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