Top 10 Laptops, their accessories and the problems faced by them!

With the advancement of technology desktop, laptop has become common words. And with the entry of Information Technology sector, their usage have increased manifold. But as work pressure is increasing the demand of laptops have increased as one can carry it both at workplace and carry it back home. Not only this, one can also do their work while commuting, on vacation as well. Hence different companies came into the foray and began to launch their laptops. Some of the best selling laptops that we can categorize under the Top 10 Laptops include:

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Toshiba Qosmio
Toshiba Satellite
HP Compaq
Dell XPS
HP Compaq
Mac Book Pro
And ThinkPad Tablet.

No matter which ever laptop one is using, without proper accessories it will not be able to deliver or perform. Just like a car needs petrol/diesel to run on a similar way, a laptop requires its accessories in order to run and operate smoothly and efficiently. And it is best to buy these products from their own companies i.e. if you are using a Mac Book Pro, and then buy their accessories from Apple. Genuine accessories help to ensure the quality of the product and not hamper or do damage to the product in the long run. It is true that genuine accessories are costly than the run of the mill products but then their longevity is longer. And since these accessories are accompanied by the proper documentations and certificates, if you face any problem while using them, you can always contact their customer care department to get it fixed or repaired as the case may be.

The most popular laptop accessories without which the performance of a laptop may be hampered include:

Webcams – they help you in conducting online conferences, meeting with your colleagues in offices located in other parts of the world.
Mouse – many of us are not comfortable working on a laptop without a mouse. For them it is an important accessory as it helps them to navigate across the screen.
Speakers – additional speakers are often used for better hearing of the conversation with your colleague. Or if you have an awesome collection of songs you can play them out loud through your speakers without switching on your music system every time you want to listen to songs.
Cases and bags – These are very essential accessories as they help you to carry your laptop from one place to another without harming your laptop. Chances of scratch, harmful effects of dust are minimized to a great extent.
Battery – An integral accessory, without battery a laptop cannot run. Hence it is necessary to check from time to time whether up gradation of the battery is required or not.
Charger – They help in charging the battery which in turn helps the laptop run. So we can well assume the importance of this accessory.

Other laptop accessories include external hard drives, USP flash drives and network adapters and others that are required to improve laptops functionality.
But then we often see that in spite of purchasing hi-end laptops and their accessories, we do face some common laptop problems such as the battery not getting charged properly, the internet speed slowing down after a period of time, hard drives crashing down. Hence it is recommended that at regular intervals we should always take a back up of the files and folders stored in the laptop, so that in case it crashes we don’t lose out on important data. Moreover we should also ensure that we should not over charge the battery because excessive charging often destroys the lithium-ion of the battery. These small measures if followed help to maintain the laptop for a longer duration.

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