Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Headphones

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Headphones are valuable accessories; so valuable that leaving your home without them is nothing less than a totally wasted day. Therefore, we can easily conclude that a headphone does not fall very far behind in importance than mobile devices. And similar to any other product available on the planet, you must also be aware of all the factors which will ensure you purchase the best headphone for yourself.



Over-ear Or In-ear Or On-ear

Over-ear headphones are the most common ones (and the bulkiest ones too) we get to see everyday. These headphones are heavier than the other two; and as the name suggests, they have two ear-pads, attached with a semi-oval metal frame, which fit on top of the ears. Due to its bulky and sturdy frame, they are the heaviest too. These are the costliest headphones.

In-ear headphones are the ones which usually come free with mobile devices. They can be inserted into the ear because of their better fittings. The sound quality is also great, but not close to their bigger counterparts. It is because they are small in size, and this gives them the advantage of being lightweight and extremely mobile. These are the cheapest headphones.

On-ear headphones looks more or less similar to the over-ear headphones, with the only major difference of having smaller ear-pads. This gives these headphones the advantage of having a slight edge in weight and portability. They are better than the in-ear headphones when it comes to sound quality. They are cheaper than the over-ear headphones.

What About Noise Cancellation?

Are you tired of cranking up the volume of your headphone in order to prevent outside noise during subway commutes or long flights? Then you should go for headphones with noise cancellation feature. Although this feature is available in almost every headphone out there in the market, the over-ear headphones are the most effective.

There are 2 types of noise cancellation headphones – active and passive. The active noise cancellation headphones use “destructive interference” technology to negate even the low-frequency sound waves from entering your ears. On the other hand, the passive noise cancellation headphones are only suitable when it comes to stopping small noises.


It will be real unfair on your part if I start rambling tips about your budget or the brand. These issues are completely yours to handle; but it is important to keep in mind the points discussed so far. If you adhere by these above-mentioned points, you are sure to land up with a great headphone.

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