The Space Story [Infographic]

NYC Mini Storage offers complete storage services across New York and its boroughs including Bronx. Throughout years of storage activity, we have worked inflexibly to gain our reputation for quality and professionalism.

Change is the only truth in this world and because of this change, we keep on upgrading our homes with latest fashions. Although since we get attached with our belongings, we do not want to throw unused and lesser used equipment, furniture and appliances. This leads to the accumulation of belongings in our homes that eats up our living spaces. This is where the importance of self storage and mini storage units come into the picture.

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Self storage facilities allow us to store anything that we do not require immediately or in near future on a monthly rental basis. Since space requirements are must for everyone, researches have shown that 1 in every 10 households in the US rents a storage facility.

Apart from providing a shelter to the belongings, self storage facilities are becoming extremely popular as they are 24×7 under camera surveillance and have sophisticated alarm systems and monitoring devices to ensure the safety of your belongings. With different sizes available for storage, you can choose a self storage space as per your requirements. As disposable incomes keep on increasing and technology keeps on updating every day, people substitute, old, yet functional belongings with the latest trends and self storage units offer the ultimate solution.

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