Store Your Favorite Moments with the Tiniest DSLR Fisheye

So far Canon could claim the honor for manufacturing the world’s smallest camera. Greg Dash has apparently come up with an even tinier version of DSLR camera. This lo-fi tiny camera is the brainchild of a photo enthusiast, Greg Dash. Greg was engaged in experimental shooting with toy cameras. While doing this, he failed to find a fisheye lens fitting his requirement and budget well. Eventually, he decided to create his own SLR camera which resulted in a key-chain sized digital camera.

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The camera is not thicker than an iPhone 5. The 170 degree fisheye lens captures HD videos that are all stored in a microSD card. The battery of this camera gets charged via USB. Unlike other DSLRs, this one does not have any screen at the back for viewing what you shoot. The photographer gets an experience of shooting with cameras having film rolls.

Greg Dash says that he loved the idea of finding out what has been shot, later. That is why, he enjoyed capturing photos with films a lot. In his innovation, he has tried to replicate that functionality, where photos captured can be seen much later. You can have a look at those after plugging the device in to a computer.

Recently, fisheye lenses for smart phone cameras are being designed everywhere. But, in most of the cases, they are not well-made and get easily lost as they are attached to the phones only with a magnet. So, Dash decided to create his own camera built with fisheye lens. He then added a doorway viewer to a point-and-shoot device to create world’s tiniest DSLR with fisheye lens that can slip into your pocket easily.

You might have all the high-end cameras for taking good quality snaps. But, whenever you need to take a snap fast, on the go, you reach out for the smart phone inside the pocket. This tiny phone will be a handy substitute to smart phones with low quality fisheye lenses. The fisheye lenses attached to smart phones can easily get detached and lost. Now you get a device with in-built fisheye lens instead. The amazingly tiny size of the camera allows you to take snaps in tight spaces too.

If Dash’s product manages to raise around $45,000 through Indiegogo, the product will go on mass production after the money is raised. People who will choose to back the product by spreading messages about the product will get the camera for $84. The estimated delivery time of the product for the first few customers is in June.

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