Start using a Heart Rate Monitor while Exercising

heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors are special devices which measure and show how fast a heart is beating per minute. Usually divided into two parts, the Chest Strap detects the electronic signals the heart is making and transmits it to the Wrist Watch where the number is displayed.

You have probably seen athletes use heart rate monitors when they sweat out in a gym. However, these extremely simple-to-use devices are no longer just limited for the use of athletes only. They are highly efficient and can benefit us if we start wearing them while doing physical exercises.

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#1. Improve your Health:

Most of us work out in order to improve our health – be it toning and strengthening the muscles, relieving stress or having a good level of fitness. Researches recommend that a full-grown adult should workout at a vigorous intensity (70% to 85% of maximum heart rate) three days in a week for a minimum of 20 minutes, or at a moderate intensity (50% to 70% of maximum heart rate) five days in a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Heart rate monitors will help you find the right intensity and pace needed to achieve your goals.

#2. Exercise Safely:

Having frequent checks on the rate at which your heart is beating during an exercise session is the best way to know when it is the time to stop. Most of the time, we just keep going hard on our bodies in the hope that we will be able to achieve in one day what is meant to be achieved in one month. This puts extra pressure on the heart and might cause serious problems. Therefore, wearing a heart rate monitor will ensure that you get to know when your heartbeats are about to go off the limit.

#3. Utilize your Limited Time:

Most of us have a packed-up schedule and we really get a very small amount of time to devote in exercising. In order to achieve a certain goal within such short period, this device will help you increase the pace straightaway. Increasing the pace will be enough to generate weight loss and cardiovascular benefits at a quicker rate.

#4. Be your Own Coach:

Like most of us, even you might find it hard to workout without a trainer. This is is just the thing you require. You can make the watch beep whenever your heart rate will fall below the target, and every beep will make you pick the pace up. Keep an account of everyday results and make sure you meet the targets every day.

The price of a heart rate monitor varies depending on the number of available features in a certain model. As a start, it is better to go for the most basic one; all the features you need will be available to get you going.

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