Sony’s Lens-Type Cameras – The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

sony lens camera

I’ve heard a funny story sometime back; about how the inclusion of the camera inside a mobile went on to become a massive success story. But if the reverse would have been applied (I mean, the inclusion of mobile phone features inside a camera), it would have failed at an equal magnitude. I laughed, but didn’t really understand what was so funny! As time passed by, I kept on watching latest mobile devices incorporated with powerful cameras. Not so long back, a time arrived (and it still prevails) where people in need of a good camera started buying good mobile devices. And I finally realized the meaning of that “funny story” – with the frequent enhancements in mobile technology, it’s time for the cameras to start eating dust!

So it was about time that something revolutionary is brought forward in order to improve camera functionality. Redefining the concept of camera – Sony has unveiled its new “lens-type” cameras at IFA in Berlin. What are these “lens type” cameras? They look like lenses, but are full-scale digital cameras. Without the bulk of a traditional body, these cameras are getting launched in 2 different versions – DSC – QX100 is the “High Zoom” version and DSC – QX10 is the “Quality” version. The former comes with 10x optical zoom and 18.2-megapixel sensor, and the latter comes with 3.6x optical zoom, 20.2-megapixel resolution and 28mm lens. Both these models have a zoom rocker and a shutter button on the side.


There were speculations that this cameras will not be able to work independently. In short, they will require to get attached to a smartphone or something like that! Truth be told, it would’ve been a real disappointment if this would have been true. However to my relief, you can (if you want) attach it with your smartphone only if you want to share your images instantly or need an external viewfinder. The pairing with your smartphone is done using NFC or Wi-Fi. Once connected, it’s full-on fun time!

As off now, both these lenses are cool with iOS and Android. These pieces of beauty will be made available later this year, and the price is slated at $249 (DSC – QX100) and $499 (DSC – QX10) respectively. So which one do you choose? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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