Second-generation Digital Binoculars of Sony gets Better

In the era of super-zoom camera, binoculars might seem to be too old-fashioned for some people. Yes, they are still extremely efficient in certain situations, like observing wildlife. But other than that, how many of us use them anyway? In order to revive that lost interest in binoculars, Sony took the initiative and launched its first line of digital binoculars – DEV-3 and DEV-5 in the last phase of 2011. But this time, Sony has planned to outdo the first generation with its newly revealed DEV-50 digital binocular. And this time, the binocular can even take photos and record videos.

Weighing just 1.6 pounds and at 6.3 inches in length, the DEV-50 is lighter and smaller in comparison to the models of the first generation digital binoculars. Its continuous auto-focus feature allows users to zoom right up to an unsuspecting pair of birds with its staggering 25x zoom depth (which was a paltry 10x on the DEV-3). When at a high zoom level, optical image stabilization helps to keep the image from getting blurred. During dawn or dusk (both considered to be ideal times to spot wild animals) on a jungle safari or simply a cloudy day while watching a soccer match at the stadium, the CMOS sensor feature in the binocular is the one which comes to the rescue. It enhances the brightness with the Hyper Gain mode thus allowing you to see clearly in low-light situations.

Let’s talk about the photos and videos. The user gets to snap high-quality photos up to 20 megapixels. The video recording is full HD. Added to this, users have the choice of shooting videos in 3D. The media gets geo-tagged using the built-in GPS feature of the binocular. The memory card slot is present but it can also be connected directly to a television set via HDMI.

With a super-sleek design and high dust-and-water resistance, the DEV-50 is priced at $2,000. And with specs like these, a wait till June (when it will be made available) seems too long.

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