Ring Reveals [Infographic]

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                                                                    What Your Ring Tells about You


Everything, whether it is our clothes, shoes, jewelry, the songs that we listen to or the genre of movies that we watch, tell us something about our personality. So ever wondered why some people prefer to wear their ring in different fingers? Here is what wearing rings in different fingers imply –

Thumb – Thumb symbolizes willpower and if you wear your ring in your thumb, you are an extremely strong-willed and emotional person. However, owing to your strong nature, there are seldom any chances of emotional outbursts.

Index finger – Love being in control of every situation and want things to go your way? If so, then you are most likely to wear your ring in your index finger. Middle finger – The middle finger is the symbol of ego and pride. If you are a person who wears his/her ring in the middle finger, then it symbolizes ego, sense of self, and independence.

Ring finger – Creative people with a vivid imagination wear their ring in the ring finger. Such people are romantic by nature and have an eye for finer details.

Pinkie finger – Expressive people who are open and loving prefer wearing ring in their pinkie finger.

Rings reveal a lot about our personality. However, they are just one layer of uncovering the whole personality. Keep these fun facts in mind.

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