‘No More Woof’ Lets Us Understand The Language Of Dogs

No More Woof

Trust me when I say this, it has been a life-long dream ever since I read the book ‘Doctor Dolittle’. And the desperation multiplied ten-fold when I watched ‘Up’. Are you wondering what I am talking about? It’s the ability to understand what dogs speak. A dog is a man’s best friend and a loyal companion; and it understands almost every instruction if trained properly. So it was pretty obvious for me to come up with this crazy dream – “Amidst all these mind-boggling technological inventions, isn’t it time to create a gadget that can translate a dog’s language into ours? Well, it seems my prayers have been finally answered, and No More Woof looks stupendously promising.

No More Woof is a revolutionary approach inside a field that was explored only in fiction. A lightweight headset imbued with EEG (electroencephalography) technology is put over the head of a dog. With the help of EEG, the headset is able to monitor and measure brain activities of a dog, and translate its mental states. Audio will come out from a plastic trumpet that is fixed to the headset. The creators, Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, claim that the device is in its infancy. There are loads of modifications and enhancements that are needed to be made. However, initial tests have already suggested that some canine mental states can be successfully translated from the electric imprints.

No More WoofImage Source: http://www.indiegogo.com/

The functionality of the headset is clearly demonstrated in the picture above. The headset is on Indiegogo where it is aiming to raise funds. Although the makers claim the device is pretty rudimentary in scale, enthusiasm from contributors has already made the project cross its goal of $10,000. Let’s face facts! We know pretty well how computers started; and we are seeing everyday where computers have reached. If innovations keep on happening, possibilities are endless for No More Woof.

It’s my personal wish to see the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery come out with flying colors. But why should only I be wishing it? Don’t forget to comment if you are equally enthusiastic.

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