Microsoft’s Surface Pro Was Completely Sold Out, Given That There Were Not Too Many In The First Place

Windows 8’s flagship device entitled Surface Pro was launched by Microsoft on Saturday. If reports are to be held true, then Surface Pro was completely sold out in many retail stores across the length and breadth of the country.

There is much controversy surrounding this incident. ZDnet claims that these figures might be extremely misleading. Although it is great to have a product completely sold out on its launch date, Microsoft’s Surface Pro, to begin with, was not generously distributed among retailers to make the clear cut.

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Shop owners and distributors across the country claimed to have received only a handful of Surface Pros, with the result that eager and hopeful customers were left empty handed.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is jubilant about the results. Officials went on record saying that customer response has truly been overwhelming. They have also promised to replenish the stock of the 128GB Surface Pro among retailers and sellers as soon as possible.

Critics were however quick to point out the mistake in judgment. They said that there are no clear facts and numbers to substantiate this declaration made by Microsoft officials excepting words of mouth as gathered from retailers and distributors. The ultimate question, however, remains unanswered, that is, how many Surface Pros did Microsoft distribute in the first place to confidently claim and declare the victory figures?

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