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Organization and management of office supplies is an important activity in any office. In fact, in most offices an individual is assigned to solely look after the office supplies. The best way to keep the office supplies in the office is in a separate office cabinet. There can be a single storage and supply center. Again, marking and labeling of items will help the assignor to give the office supplies. He/she does not have to struggle much to find the office items.

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Management of office supply inventory is a challenge. For proper management, you need a systematized approach towards it. First, you need to make a list of the items that are present in your office. You can also add those things that you need but now are missing from your inventory. Once you make the list of items in a paper, copy this list in the computer. You can use the computer spreadsheet program to make the office supply list.

Remember that a computerized list will help you to keep a watch on the items usage. You can study and make a list of those items that are in high or low demand. According to the study, you can make changes in the list. Following this method will ensure that you always have the office supplies that your office needs.

Online supply of office items has become popular today. More and more offices are ordering their office items through online stores. In fact, office supplies in Calgary are quite famous. If you happen to live there, you can check out several online companies that deal in varied office supplies.

Just make sure that you create a purchase order. This will help you to keep a track of the things you have ordered and the things you have received.

Sometimes there can be the need of special office items. Again, you can add these items later in your regular office supply list if the demand continues to exist.

It is always advisable that you order the office supply items in bulk. This will help you cut down the cost of frequent ordering. Moreover, most of the companies offer discounts on bulk purchase. In case of any confusion, you can always discuss this matter with any other company official. Together you both can decide on the bulk ordering of office supplies.

In most cases, it is preferable if there is someone to give out the office supplies. This will minimize any chance of confusion. Understand that if all the employees have the access to office supply cabinet, then there can be chaos. Moreover it can get difficult to manage the inventory.

Tip: you can let the higher management to have direct access of the office supplies. For the rest of the employees, there can be an official to give out the items.

You can maintain a record book of the number of office supplies used by each employee. In this way, you can check that no employee is unnecessarily using the office items.

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