Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which is The Best eBook Reader?

Are you enthusiast about getting anew e-book reader? The task might seem daunting to you at first since you are open to multiple choices than before. However, the list of worthwhile choices is certainly pretty short. Another good news is the features and pricing of the alternatives are alluring than before. The three classic products presently ruling the e-reader device era are the colored tablets like the iPads, 7-inch LCD tablet and black-and-white e-ink readers. Barnes &Noble, Apple and Amazon are the prominent players in the market.

You may be in a dilemma in choosing amongst these readers. Take an in-depth look into the various features of the e-book readers and make your selection better. Apple solidified its existence in the tech world with iPad 2. This added to the already existing market of Barnes and Noble with its e-book reader, Nook and Amazon with Kindle. It is assured that these three readers will surely turn out to be ‘the cream of the crop’.

Compare the Specs and Features of the Different Ebook Readers


The metallic components and large form of iPad 2 make it the heaviest reader of the lot while the Nook Tablet is the lightest reader offered to you. iPad 2 is good for one-hand use.

Designing and Dimension

Two tablets – Nook and Kindle Fire – are pretty identical in form and design. Although iPad 2 is quite popular amongst the users, there are some users who also love to use a lighter and smaller form tablet. It is true that small tablets are easy to handle and fit in a bag without much hassle. However, iPad 2 facilitates you to have much spacious display than these two tablets. Surprisingly despite of being heavier and bigger, iPad 2 is considerably thinner.

The plastic bezel of Nook offers you easy grasp but is subject to creaking when you squeeze it. On the other hand, iPad 2 and Kindle Fire have well-built solid touch.


This is another category where Nook and Kindle Fire share similar attributes – both these tablets have identical resolution and display size. Although iPad 2 has a larger screen the vertical resolution of this reader is also same, what differs is the pixel count horizontally. With all these three tablets you can enjoy colorful, pristine and sharp display of images and texts.


When it comes to RAM, Nook stands out of the three readers, it has double the RAM that other readers have. Nevertheless there is no reason to conclude from this fact that it performs smoother and faster than the rest.


You are guaranteed to have the pleasure of speedy computing and gaming with all the three tablets. The integrated 1GHz dual-core chips do not give you any chance to experience any issue while playing any latest game in any of the tablets.

Battery Life

This is one important aspect when you are using any mobile device. With regard to battery support, iPad 2 is a league. The estimated time that Barnes & Noble and Amazon offers is much lesser than what Apple provides you with its Wi-Fi being on. The battery backup of iPad 2 is unmatchable with the rest of the tablets. Apple iPad sets a benchmark by offering its impressive battery support.


What will you prefer – 2 crappy cameras or none of them? iPad 2 is the only ebook reader having both a rear and a front shooter. The in-built camera in iPad 2 makes it feasible for you to conduct video chatting which is not at all possible in any of the other tablets on offer.

Storage Capacity

Kindle Fire provides you the least storage facility without giving you any opportunity for expansion. Amazon MP3 is offered for music, Amazon Cloud designed for documents and Amazon Prime provided for the purpose of video streaming. Kindle offer you 8GB space for storing your favorite games. To provide you double enjoyment, Nook doubles this storage capability to 16GB together with a SD card.

iPad 2 is the best alternative, if you are in need for sufficient storage space. With this tablet you can have 64GB or 32GB space by paying some extra cost.

What are the additional perks you can expect from each of these hardware pieces?

The affordable price tag of Kindle Fire is one of the additional benefits you are offered with this tablet. At only $200 you can grab the best tablet worth the bucks you shell out. Amazon Prime is the next advantage of Kindle Fire. You can enjoy this service for a month without spending a single penny but after that you are required to spend some extra charge for it.

To add to the list of the additional benefits of Kindle Fire, you have the faster ‘Silk web browser’. This one feature provides you much quicker and faster browsing than you would expect with dual core processor. This integrated service will accelerate the page loading time so that you can have smooth and speedy viewing with your tablet. In comparison to the other tablets, iPad 2 is the powerhouse of additional features.

One obvious bonus available with iPad 2 is the App Store offering you superior collection of mobile apps. Apple’s library of games is much advanced than the Android’s. The iOS of iPad 2 is a mature platform in comparison to the Android’s available in the other two tablets. 3G data is only offered by iPad 2 tablet. This ebook reader provides you the option to have the pleasure of a 3G model by paying some extra costs. All the selection of astounding features of iPad 2 has made it the prime choice of many of the users.

With such variant choices of ebook readers in front of you, choosing the right one can be a confusing task. All the tablets offer some distinctive feature. Hence, you should make your selection according to your personal taste and preferences. Check out which feature suits you the best!

Author Bio: George Rowsey is an avid reader with a ebook library of over 500 books. He uses his iPad to read his ebooks. In case he faces any problem with his iPad while reading his ebooks, he opts for online iPad technical support from a reputed company.

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