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Visualization is the key factor involved in the creation of things around the world. Every beautiful and amusing, before it was created, was definitely visualized by its creators. It may be an artisan creating a vase or a mason building a palace, visualization is essential for creating the artistic creations of these artists. However, visualization is not accurate all the time if it is not given a proper channel or flow. Modeling is one of the tools which assist the artists in visualizing their imaginations. Modeling has been done specifically using the two dimensional medium of paper-pencil model. In the paper-pencil model, the artists used plain paper or canvas, and a pencil for drafting a great design. For building things limited to a single surface, the paper-pencil model proved a boon. In fact, even today, people are still using the paper-pencil model for drafting designs, which are precise and accurate. This model is broadly used by architects and builders for designing buildings or by mechanical engineers to design machine parts.


Architects find the paper-pencil model useful in creating the 2D models of the buildings. Floor plans and interior designs are best crafted on a plane paper using the drafting tools and pencil. One can add true precision and accuracy to the created diagrams, and masons have been using the interpretations of these models for building houses and architectures. However, these models are time consuming and at times may consume a lot of paper. Further, a simple change in the design requires complete redrafting of the model, and hours are lost over it. Despite the accuracy, the paper pencil model is only made for professionals and is not of much understanding to the layman. To improve the understanding of the 2D models and for simplifying the process of designing, computer aided design or CAD tools are actively used.

CAD tools are completely computer-based and involve no wastage of resources. A person can create great designs in a matter of minutes, rather than spending time on sharpening the pencil or aligning the rulers. However, the CAD tools are not sufficient enough to visualize the third dimension of the model. Layman can understand a model, only if it is presented as a miniature replica of the real object. Architects have been using the costly process of creating miniature replicas for a long time. However, the replicas are neither versatile nor are they portable to handle. Here, is where computer generated 3D models come handy, and the role of 3D modeling services is glorified.

What is 3D Modeling? 3D modeling is termed as a process of creating computer based replicas of 3D objects by computing in the measurements. The computer uses specialized software known as a 3D renderer for rendering the stored mathematical data in the form of computer generated images. The computer program integrates all the 2D dimensional stored data and compiles them to create excellent 3D models over the monitor. This kind of computer simulation is helpful in making the layman understand the 3D model, which was only limited to the understanding of the professionals. Companies, which provide services of 3D Modeling in Canada, have been known to use custom textures and trendy colors for representing the 3D architectural designs to the general public. Before you avail one of the 3D modeling services for drafting great architectural or machine designs, take a look at these key factors helpful in choosing the right 3D Modeling Company. These factors are as follows.

All the created 3D models delivered by the 3D modeling services are broadly categorized into 2 main categories, namely Solid Models and Shell or Boundary based models. Solid models are used by engineering professionals to visualize the objects in reality. They give the perception of volume and are broadly used for non-visual modeling purposes. Such kinds of models are useful for medical or engineering professionals, who heavily rely on simulation. On the contrary, the shell or boundary based models are known to represent the external boundaries or surface of the objects. They do not offer in-depth perception of the rendered objects and are broadly used in games and film industry.

Before you choose any of companies offering services of 3D modeling in Canada, ensure which kind of modeling you are looking out for. Some of the companies are also known to offer integrated services to improve the visualization of the created object. A few of the popular 3D modeling services provided by companies include Polygonal Modeling, primitive modeling, Non-uniform Rational B-spline Modeling or NURBS Modeling, and Splines or patch modeling. To emulate the paper pencil models, which are void of complex curves, polygon modeling is actively used. For crude representation of models using the geometric shapes, primitive modeling is handy and cheap. For complex rendering involving animation and virtual world designs, the NURBS modeling is highly useful. This will cover the factors of curve rendering, texturing, coloring, and 360 degree view. Very few companies providing services of 3D modeling in Canada offer this. By referring to these key factors, one can choose the right company for availing 3D modeling services.

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