IPotty- An Innovative Toilet Training Product That Will Entertain The Toddlers

Who could have imagined making a fidgety toddler sit on his potty patiently could be made this easy. Well, the iPotty is here that would enthrall the toddlers during the toilet training. This product was shown in 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this colorful plastic product features a mini toilet and an adjustable iPad docking station.

Image Source: CTA Digital

iPotty will cost $39.99 and will go on sale in the month of March from CTA Digital. Although this product does not come with any apps, the parents can use some apps for the toddlers to reward them. The tot can play games, watch videos and engage in interesting activities while answering the nature’s call. The parents can be rest assured that their tablet would not undergo any damage as it has a clear splashguard that covers the screen of the iPad. The entire set can be disassembled facilitating easy cleaning. The product also comes with a seat cover that can also be used as normal chair.

iPotty is an innovative toilet training accessory that will surely entertain the toddlers while they relieve themselves in the toilet.

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