HTC One is Refreshing and One-of-a-Kind Android phone

Walk into any mobile phone store, and try to find the difference between the wide range of Android phones put on display. It is truly going to take some real talent and time because almost all of them look and feel the same, with just a few features here and there. This is the reason why the Android phones are getting heavily criticized for being flavorless, but the newly launched HTC One is a welcome change.

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Priced at $199, the HTC One is a refreshing change mainly because it is equipped with some standout features. It should be mentioned that none of these features are complete perfection. However, the HTC team deserves every bit of appreciation for trying to be different and thinking out-of-the-box.

In order to make you understand clearly, here is a small example: Due to the inclusion of an infrared blaster into the power button on the top, the HTC One can be used as a TV remote control. It also acts as a complete channel guide, along with show info and graphics. And setting it up is perhaps the easiest universal remote control setup ever. The app is just in an elemental stage and has numerous sections to improve on. But no matter what it is, this is one feature you will not find in your regular Smartphones.

The design of the HTC One is classy. Its one-piece aluminum body, the large 4.7-inch LCD screen, and the slight tapering in of the edges of the phone towards the screen bring a very distinctive feel. It has one of the best audio I have seen a Smartphone deliver. HTC has also introduced the “UltraPixels” with the One. The resolution of the image sensor is reduced which in turn helps to take better photos in fast action and low light situations.

The leading feature however is BlinkFeed, the phone’s default home screen. It is a feed of “snack-size” contents – headlines and photos from almost every social network to various apps and partner publications. Similar to Flipboard, it is being considered as the answer to Facebook Home. But unlike Facebook Home, the results are much more diplomatic. One other feature which is making the headlines is Zoe. Take for instance, it’s your birthday party and you click a bunch of photos. Zoe will automatically create a 30 seconds-long video compilation of 13 of the best photos that were taken, and add music and optional Instagram-like filtering to it.

HTC cannot solely rely on its momentum (like Samsung) or its brand (like Apple) to sell its products. Therefore, its decision to improve the quality of the Smartphones has paid off and thus, made it better than the regular Smartphones that are available today.

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