How Much You Are Sure About Electronic cigarette?

An Electronic Cigarette is an option of smoking in a healthy manner with reduced health risks. It is the advanced generation smoking technology that provides smoking gratification without actual smoke being created. It has the innovative electronic expertise in manufacturing them and is a sensible alternative for tobacco smoking. Some of the models actually look like real tobacco cigarette to give the smokers the real traditional smoking feeling.

The major difference between the actual cigarette and e-cigarette is that it does not contain tobacco and actually functions on nicotine liquid getting heated up and vaporised.

History behind electronic cigarette:
There is a history behind the times gone by the electronic cigarette manufacturing which commences from the late 1960s. It was called as vaporizer earlier which was manufactured by vaporising flavored air replacing tobacco. This concept did not flourish at that stage and got diminished which later bloomed again in the 20th century with certain advanced features. Flavored air nicotine is being used which is inhaled and exhaled by the users. The electronic cigarettes are believed to reduce the health risks that tobacco creates at the same time the smokers can be helped to get rid of their tobacco addiction.

It is made of:
The e-cigarette has three basic parts that they can be dismantled by the user in case of refilling the nicotine fluid that is available in flavors of much choice for them. There is a cartridge that contains the liquid and is in the mouth piece side of the cigarette. It acts like a tank storing the liquid nicotine that can be refilled from time to time. The frequency of the refill purely depends on the smoker and approximately one cartridge is equivalent to 45 cigarettes. The atomizer is the next part that carries out the vaporising activity and the last is the lithium chargeable battery which is the largest component of the cigarette.

Benefits of electronic cigarette:
When compared with the traditional tobacco cigarettes e-cigarettes have many benefits to the users. Electronic cigarettes will- Save money as the cigarette and the refill comes as a package which is a onetime purchase. Each cartridge is equal to 45 normal cigarettes which calculated per individual units makes a huge difference. Refilling the cartridge is easy and can be done on our own.

The cigarette device can be reused again. It does not produce odor and bad breath Does not cause lung diseases Does not cause stain in the teeth It does not contain harmful organic chemicals and is only liquid nicotine. It contains an indicator showing when the refill needs to be changed.

As explained, smokers will be happy as this is an avenue for smoking without actual health hazards. They can choose this for preventing themselves from actual second hand smoke which would have a direct impact on their respiratory systems. Since there is no smoke produced. It can be used indoors. Comparatively it’s a very good choice for smoke lovers and it completely safe to use.

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  1. I am very much sure about e cigarette because I am using it for more than 4 years. Really e cig helps to me quit tobacco smoking and I have realized major effect on my health. So I am 100% sure about electronic cigarette and suggesting all other smokers to try it just now.

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