Google Unveils Its Groundbreaking Laptop- Chromebook Pixel

Google stunned the world by unveiling its new laptop yesterday in San Francisco. The product, Chromebook Pixel, stands out for many innovative features indeed.

It has been designed to compete with present day Macbooks and Ultrabooks, with a resolution that is 100% better than every existing model.

This laptop is designed with a touchscreen that allows regular “touch” activities like ‘swipe’, ‘pinch to zoom’ and ‘tap’, in addition to a mouse and keypad.

This laptop uses the Intel Core i5 processor, and is available in two different models: the 32 GB laptop with WiFi, and 64 GB laptop that comes with WiFi options and LTE.

Apart from this in-built storage space, there is also 1 TB of free space on the Drive that is available for 3 years.

In addition to the regular documents and applications, Pixel users can enjoy hassle free unification with Microsoft Office. In a bid to satisfy loyalists of MS Office, Google is even offering Quick Office absolutely free of cost.

The Chromebook Pixel can be purchased from Google Play. Enthusiasts can also purchase it from very soon.

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This is undoubtedly a power product designed for the elite who do not care about the price tag. Unlike earlier Chromebooks, that were designed in collaboration with Acer, Samsung and HP, and cost 199 dollars, the new Chromebook Pixel costs 1299 dollars for the 32 GB model, and 1499 dollars for the 64 GB model.

Feature Details
Screen: 12.85 inches, touch-sensitive screen with Gorilla Grass. 2560 x 1700 pixels on the screen translate into 4.3 million pixels, or 239 pixels per inch, compared to other laptops that have a resolution of only 118 ppi.

Operating System: Chrome.

Webcam: 720p

Audio: Powerful speakers situated under backlit keyboard. The three microphones are designed and deployed to negate all surrounding noises, two on either side of the webcam, and the third, that is a laser microphone is placed beneath the keyboard.

Look and Feel: The body is made of anodized aluminum alloy, making it durable and smooth. The screws and vents are hidden, and the ports are unmarked.

Speed: The integrated flash memory in solid state and Intel Core i5 processor makes it agile and quick.

Security: The system has a built in anti-virus protection system, that is regularly updated every few weeks.


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Chromebook Pixel—Google’s groundbreaker laptop

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