Google Glass – the Wait Will Soon be Over!

According to most experts, Google Glass is going to be the next big thing in the world of technology. It won’t take long for this technology to replace mobile technology; in fact, many believe that it will also replace desktop computing in future. This technology involves using your computer through your glasses – you can see a screen through your glasses to compute. It may not be a new technology for people who have seen the movie ‘True Lies’, where the lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger used special cameras that could be viewed through sunglasses.

How People Will Learn to Use It?

The biggest concern about this technology is regarding the right way of using it. Some people think they will crash into others when using it. Similarly, they have another fear, which is actually quite intimidating for many who don’t know much about this technology. The opponents – or you can say the pessimists – think that people will wear these sunglasses while driving, which will only going to make things difficult for other road users. They also say that fiddling with a mobile phone while driving is probably the biggest cause of road accidents, but still, there are chances that a police officer will see drivers playing with their mobiles. This will not be the case when someone is using a computer through his or her glasses.

Well, these concerns should not bother you much – no such thing will ever happen. The reason is that your eyes don’t work like the Chameleon – you can only gawk in on direction at a time. What it means is that there is no chance of driving your car while watching the road and playing on the computer embedded in your Google glass – you cannot concentrate on images inside the glass and drive at the same time.

It is quite important to point out that according to Google, only one of the panes will show the image – the other glass will be clear. Sticking with this technique, your brain will be forced to create a compromise between what you see with both eyes. The interesting thing is that the image created on the right glass pane is not opaque – it is see through, which will help your brain to compensate because one image that you see on your glass pane will be overlaid across the other eye, which lets you see the surroundings. Maintaining a balance between the both is important, and it will be quite interesting to see how people maintain this balance.

Google Glass and Another Concern

Some people are also of the view that when they will be viewing something so close to their eye, it will damage their vision. This is a common concern even for those who spend some time on computers at work. Before long, you will realize that your computer has made it difficult for you to focus on things that are far away from where you’re sitting. What it also means is that the distance between your computer screen and your face is usually as far away as you can easily see.

However, it is true that viewing an object so close and that too through one glass pane, is going to have some negative effects on your eyes. Still, it is too early to say anything about this because the development team will surely be finding a solution to this particular problem.

The Working of Google Glass

After having a look at the website, it is obvious to feel skeptical about this technology – it looks frighteningly futuristic. Still, it’s quite exciting for many, and to get a real idea of how the whole thing is going to work, you simply need to check their promotional video of “How it feels”. It works quite well and is voice controlled.

You can use it differently. You can connect it to the Internet to check videos and Google images, or you can even take your own videos simply by ordering your glasses to “video”. You can control everything through a drop down menu, which is located on the upper right hand side of your screen. Its display is see-through, but it is bright enough for you to watch everything. With all these features, it can be said that this technology is surely going to lead to another technological revolution. Just wait and watch!

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