Google Glass – the Brainchild of Leonardo da Vinci?

DaVinci-Google glass

The creator of Mona Lisa was indeed a polymath. Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance genius was an expert sculptor, painter, engineer, mathematician, cartographer, and a writer. But above all, he was a master inventor – whether it was creating facsimiles of parachutes and machine guns, outlining the theory of plate tectonics, or conceptualizing the modern day helicopter. Due to this reason, the notes and schematics he left behind still tend to intrigue and inspire the new world.image source:

However, latest discovery has revealed that one of Da Vinci’s drawings bears an uncanny similarity with the recently launched Google Glass.

Dr. Burt Wilde, a 29-year old nuclear physicist and researcher in the University of Illinois, is of the opinion that current research in nuclear power has come to a halt, and therefore he has been scrutinizing the works of Da Vinci for three years to find some inspiration on cold fusion. Although Da Vinci was never into nuclear power, the wide spectrum of fields he mastered upon gave Dr. Wilde a hope that he might come across something related to his work. Instead, he stumbled upon a page which had notes and drawings – and at the bottom right corner, a small sketch of a man’s head wearing a very familiar eyewear.

The bar of this eyewear started behind one ear, wrapped around the face and ended behind another ear. It is supported by two pins on the nose bridge. And attached to one eye (the one closest to the viewer) is a monocle. The name given by Da Vinci to this eyewear is “Occhiovita Immagine” that roughly means “Eye Life Picture”. The notes go on to describe how the wearer would be able to see his life and important text on top of that life. Yes…. now that’s a Google Glass feature!

Astounding how Da Vinci could imagine such an eyewear centuries before Google Glass came into existence. However, no further drawing or reference about this eyewear has been found in any other works of the Master till now. It is therefore unclear whether Da Vinci at all considered the possibilities in real life and started working on this project or not.

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