The Best Gifts Which Can Make A Foodie’s Day

Gift for foodies

Gifts are pretty easy to give. The easiest way is to think about presenting something that is related to a person’s profession or hobby. In this way, the gift gets to become something useful and not just catch rust on a shelf. However, this is not so easy when it comes to your “foodie” friends. They are real hard nuts to impress as they often take pride on their sophisticated culinary knowledge.

Gift for foodies

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So what do you actually gift them? Are there any such gifts which can make the day of a hardcore foodie? Yes, there absolutely is! Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

#1. Egg Minder:

Eggs going bad, and not having enough eggs when needed – these are two of the biggest concerns surrounding them. The Egg Minder helps you negate these troublesome worries. It is an egg tray that has wireless connectivity with your mobile device. Not only do you get notifications when you are having a shortage of eggs, but the built-in LED lights of the tray shows which eggs are the oldest.

#2. SteakStones:

SteakStones allows you to cook amazing steaks right in front of your friends – on the table itself. You can place the steak on the hot stone surface for it to get cooked, as all of you can enjoy the preceding courses. Moreover, this marvelous gadget lets the user customize the intensity of heat according to each person’s preference.

#3. Bacon Grill Press:

No one likes curly strips of bacon. We all are huge fans of bacon, and love to have them evenly pressed and cooked to perfection. However, the lack of proper utensils makes us often adjust. The cast iron-made Bacon Grill Press makes sure that your piece of bacon is evenly cooked and totally flat. It also comes with a wooden handle, thus preventing from touching the hot metal surface.

#4. Windowfarms:

This one is my favorite! I’ve always been a fan of indoor pots for growing plants and herbs. Windowfarms makes this possible in a jiffy. From lettuce and parsley to chives and basil, you can pot as many plants you want. The biggest advantage of this system is that each container has an automated watering pump and timer. This saves you a lot of time and effort, and you can introduce your desired herbs into a plate completely fresh.

These are the top 4 gifts I’ve come up with which you can gift to your foodie friends. Do you like the list? Do you want to include a few more items? Express yourself by leaving a comment.

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