Electric Dicycle: The Best Mode of Transportation for City Dwellers

Electric Dicycle

Have you ever seen the Otto Dicycle – a form of bicycle designed by E.C.F. Otto, and manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Co. in the later half of the 19th century? Considered safer than regular bicycles, the Otto Dicycle gained overnight fame. However, development of the safety bicycles in later years resulted in its complete abandonment. And it is the picture of the Otto Dicycle which first comes in mind when first looked at an Electric Dicycle.

Electric Dicycle

Based on the model of the Otto Dicycle, the Electric Dicycle can be the perfect mode of transportation for city dwellers. Its sleek design will not only help to squeeze through vehicles in rush traffic hours, but will also make it easy to find the ever-elusive parking spaces.

The Design

The dicycle runs on two wheels but unlike a bicycle or a motorbike, the wheels are placed side by side. Between these two parallel wheels, rests the inner frame or the platform. The strategic positioning of the axle or the handle placed upright on the platform makes it easy to rotate the dicycle.

The Benefits

All the buzz which has been surrounding the Electric Dicycle cannot be just because of the super-sleek design. So, what are its benefits anyway?

#1. Eco-friendly: Electric dicycle does not use gas. As a result, it hardly depends on non-renewable energy, and therefore reduces pollution.

#2. Automatic: Unlike the manually-pedaled average bicycle, the Electric Dicycle is automatic. This means that the efforts will be less and higher speeds can be reached just with the flick of a button.

#3. Safety: The Electric Dicycle is supposed to be safer than a motorbike or a bicycle. Presence of the side-by-side wheels provides greater balance and ensures that the rider is less likely to fall.

It is obvious that the popularity of Electric Dicycles will increase as days pass by. What is left to be seen now is how they are being used. The possibilities are widespread, but only physical application will show us how innovative the dicycles can become.

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